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Fuel Off-Road 1-Piece 20" D700 Ammo Matte Black Custom Wheel

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Short DescriptionThis is a Fuel Off-Road 1-Piece 20" D700 AMMO Matte Black Custom Wheel
ColorMatte Black
MaterialCast Aluminum
BrandFuel Off-Road
PVD FinishNon-Chrome
Year2005, 2006, 2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
MakeInfiniti, Nissan, Toyota
ModelFrontier, QX56, QX80, Sequoia, Tundra
Sub ModelBase, LE, Limited, Luxe, Nightshade, Nismo Off-Road, Premium Select, PRO-4X, S, SE, SL, SR, SR5, SV

Note: Your vehicle may require modification to its original condition in order for this wheel to properly fit.

Introduced to the world in 2009 with devoted engineers and designers to back them, Fuel Off-Road quickly became the go-to brand for all off-road enthusiasts. Offering cutting-edge designs, fitments, and technological advancements, Fuel Off-Road wheels manufactures the most advanced off-road wheels on the market. Fuel your next adventure with brand new Fuel Off-Road wheels today! This is a Fuel Off-Road 1-Piece 20" D700 Ammo Matte Black Custom Wheel.

All of our custom wheels are backed by our Auto Rim Shop guarantee. Our guarantee ensures you receive the best possible quality wheels. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will be happy to accept a return on your wheel in an unused condition. Please just let our customer service center know and we will be happy to make things right. To check our return policy, please click here. To ensure the part's compatibility please check the Vehicle Fitment table.

YearMakeModelSub ModelBody TypeDrive Type
2022ToyotaSequoiaPlatinumSport UtilityRWD
2022ToyotaSequoiaTRD SportSport UtilityRWD
2021ToyotaSequoiaSR5Sport Utility4WD
2021InfinitiQX80LuxeSport UtilityAWD
2021ToyotaTundraLimitedCrew Cab PickupRWD
2021ToyotaTundraLimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2021ToyotaTundraNightshadeExtended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2021InfinitiQX80Premium SelectSport UtilityRWD
2021ToyotaTundraNightshadeCrew Cab PickupRWD
2021ToyotaTundraNightshadeExtended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2020InfinitiQX80LuxeSport UtilityAWD
2020ToyotaTundraLimitedCrew Cab PickupRWD
2020ToyotaTundraSR5Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2020ToyotaTundraSR5Extended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2020ToyotaTundraSR5Crew Cab PickupRWD
2019ToyotaTundraSR5Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2019ToyotaTundraSR5Extended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2019ToyotaTundraSR5Extended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2019InfinitiQX80LuxeSport UtilityRWD
2019ToyotaTundraLimitedCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2019ToyotaTundraSRCrew Cab PickupRWD
2018ToyotaTundraSR5Crew Cab PickupRWD
2018ToyotaTundraSRCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2018ToyotaTundraSR5Extended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2018ToyotaTundraLimitedExtended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2017ToyotaTundra1794 EditionExtended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2017ToyotaTundraLimitedCrew Cab PickupRWD
2017ToyotaTundraSR5Extended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2017ToyotaTundraTRD ProExtended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2017ToyotaTundraSRCrew Cab PickupRWD
2017ToyotaTundraLimitedCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2016ToyotaTundraSRStandard Cab PickupRWD
2016ToyotaTundraSR5Crew Cab PickupRWD
2016ToyotaTundraTRD ProExtended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2015ToyotaTundraLimitedExtended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2015ToyotaSequoiaLimitedSport UtilityRWD
2015ToyotaSequoiaSR5Sport Utility4WD
2014ToyotaTundraLimitedExtended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2014ToyotaTundraPlatinumExtended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2014ToyotaSequoiaLimitedSport Utility4WD
2014ToyotaTundraSR5Extended Crew Cab PickupRWD
2014ToyotaTundraSR5Crew Cab PickupRWD
2014NissanFrontierSLCrew Cab PickupRWD
2014NissanFrontierSVCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2013ToyotaTundraBaseCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2013ToyotaTundraPlatinumExtended Crew Cab Pickup4WD
2013ToyotaTundraLimitedCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2012NissanFrontierSExtended Cab PickupRWD
2012NissanFrontierPRO-4XExtended Cab Pickup4WD
2012InfinitiQX56BaseSport Utility4WD
2012NissanFrontierSLCrew Cab PickupRWD
2012NissanFrontierPRO-4XCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2011NissanFrontierPRO-4XExtended Cab Pickup4WD
2011NissanFrontierPRO-4XExtended Cab PickupRWD
2011NissanFrontierPRO-4XCrew Cab PickupRWD
2011NissanFrontierSVCrew Cab Pickup4WD
2010NissanFrontierPRO-4XExtended Cab PickupRWD
2010NissanFrontierSECrew Cab PickupRWD
2010ToyotaSequoiaLimitedSport UtilityRWD
2010ToyotaSequoiaSR5Sport Utility4WD
2010ToyotaSequoiaLimitedSport Utility4WD
2008ToyotaSequoiaSR5Sport UtilityRWD
2008ToyotaSequoiaLimitedSport Utility4WD
2008NissanFrontierSEExtended Cab Pickup4WD
2007NissanFrontierNismo Off-RoadCrew Cab PickupRWD
2007NissanFrontierLECrew Cab Pickup4WD
2006NissanFrontierNismo Off-RoadExtended Cab Pickup4WD
2006NissanFrontierLEExtended Cab Pickup4WD
2005NissanFrontierSEExtended Cab Pickup4WD
2005NissanFrontierLEExtended Cab Pickup4WD
2005ToyotaLand CruiserBaseSport Utility4WD